• Is the blog monetized?

Absolutely not. I am totally against advertising in general but even more against when it comes to the Internet. It is similar to me to this absolutely useless skull stuffing (we think of these ads like “You won the new IPigeon” or similar) or even dangerous (scams of all kinds, viruses and so on … ).

In addition, advertising is not profitable for a *small* media as my blog because the fact is that if you want to earn more money you need more visibility. That is exactly where comes the emergence of certain practices as the famous “clickbait content” which for me marks a deep disrespect towards the user.

If one day I monetize the blog, it will be to propose to you *ONLY* things I liked and *ONLY* after having them heavily tested them personally (Only God knows how I can be a pain 🤠).

• I like your site, the articles are well written but I never know when will come out an article, why don’t you use a “newsletter” system as other sites ?

The problem with newsletters is that to work, they need email addresses and the issue I have with it, is that it’s considered as personal data. As a cybersecurity enthusiast and true warrior of the order of the holy privacy level 99, it makes me a little cringe.

That’s why, I would rather advise you to hit those Ctrl + D buttons to put the site in favorites.

In addition it lightens the mailbox, clever no? 🤠

• Do you often attend conferences?

This question can have two meanings in my opinion:

-the first meaning, do I often give conferences like this by speaking with slides in “Hello everyone” mode, today I’m going to show you how I hacked a bank with a trombone and the bubble wrap “. What I would say “I never had the opportunity but what would I like to do one day?”

-the second sense, do I often lecture while sitting in the audience and taking notes in “Wow, he’s damn right!” It’s crazy how our banks are not protected. . What I would say “I did a few, I liked it overall, I’d like to start again 🙂

• What kind of softwares do you use to run your blog?

*ONLY* free software. From the writing of an article to the reading through the maintenance of the server, the server itself or even the various auxiliary tools such as statistics tools *ALL* and I say well *ALL* is made to combine Privacy and free software.

I am straddling this duality because how many times have I seen people holding so-called sites “totally privacy-conscious”, “RGPD compliant” or relying on “free and open source technologies”, meanwhile, it was Google Analytics producing the stats or even just that the server was a cute little Ubuntu Server but that the owners of the site held (or rather collected) the info of users of the type email addresses IP, browser data and so on … I find it really dishonest or even at the limit of hypocrisy and legality 🙁

Feel free to ask me more questions, I would be happy to include them on this page if I find that they are frequently asked 🤠